New Thru 30

Hello friends!

As many of you probably know, this past weekend IHOPU held it’s 2nd annual Bible reading marathon! In case you dont know what that is, we spent 3 days reading through the Bible nonstop, from beginning to end. Students were given the ability to sign up for a ten minute time slot to be the designated Bible reader, and we alternated reading aloud until the Bible had been completely read! It was really amazing. I went for a little while on Friday, then Saturday, and yesterday (Sunday) I was planning on only staying for a little while also, but I ended up staying for over 6 hours! It was fantastic!

During my time of feasting on the Word, I realized a few things. 1, it’s really easy to read the Bible; 2, it’s really satisfying and filling to read the Bible; 3, it doesn’t take that long to make progress; 4, I have had many presuppositions about Bible reading that were keeping me from just reading it!

All this is to say that today I am starting a Bible reading plan called “New Thru 30”. Basically the name says it all: read through the New Testament in 30 days. I’m telling you this for two reasons. First, because it will be a from of accountability (If I tell the world I’m gonna do it, I better do it!). Second, I’m going to be posting daily thoughts, ideas, and/or revelations I get while eating the scroll. Some posts might be two sentences and some two pages – we’ll find that out soon!

I’m really excited to start this plan. I’ve been praying for an increased hunger for the word, and I believe that the Bible reading marathon was an answer to that prayer, as it jumpstarted me to digging in! I hope you track with me on this journey through the NT, and perhaps even join me! You can learn more about the plan and sign up for it here.

Talk to you tomorrow, friends!

(PS – I edited the finish date for the plan so that I will be finished reading by the end of the month, and I’m not planning on taking a day off. So I will probably be done before then as there are a few “catch up” days allotted. We’ll see what happens, and I’ll keep you updated!)

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