Day 1

Well, technically I didn’t have to read anything today. The New Thru 30 plan gives the first two days off, but I still began reading Matthew. It was wonderful. One thing was really striking me, and frustrating me, to be quite honest. And that thing was all the subdivisions! Gosh, reading through the Sermon on the Mount is crazy awesome when you don’t stop at a subdivision! I wanna know who’s idea it was to put all those subheadings in there. Anywho, whether you have or haven’t before, I highly suggest reading through the whole Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) without stopping. It’s amazing how each little nugget corresponds so strongly with the next! And, if you’re up to it, take a few extra minutes and begin reading from the beginning of Matthew. It’s crazy how much different Scripture reads when it’s all read together, in one continuous flow. After all, it’s not like the original writers intended for you to stop in the middle of Jesus’ sermon!


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