I’m Really Bad At This…

Hey everyone. I’m really sorry for the lack of blogging! This last week of school has been by far the most hectic one of the semester! I’ve been super busy and it’s bad because I’ve been using my prayer room time to do homework instead of my Bible reading which has gotten me behind…. again. Ugh. I’m pretty frustrated, but I keep reminding myself that next week, the only thing on my schedule is resting, going to the prayer room, baking, and trying to get in the Christmas spirit more. So, I’ll have ample time to really focus on my Bible reading which I’m excited for because I’ve been really missing it! I’m sorry for all the broken promises, especially the one about blogging every day. Ouch. I’ve definitely not kept my word, and that really upsets me too. My apologies, and please just bear with me this next week or so. This is my first “last week of school at IHOPU (for the semester)” that I’ve experienced – and it shows. I had no idea what was in store, and I have a pretty light schedule compared to others! Anyway, I have to go so I can start working on my last sermon outline for the semester. Blessings!


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