Boulder Dash! Well, Sort of…

Ever heard of that game Boulder Dash? I haven’t played it in years, but I remember it being pretty fun. This post, however, has absolutely nothing to do with the game Boulder Dash, except that it includes the word Boulder. Why does it include the word Boulder, you ask? Well that, my friend, is a very good question with an answer on the way!

Boulder, Colorado. It’s a town just outside of Denver, and I’ll be “dashing” there for a week long ministry trip with IHOPU this April (Get it? Boulder dash? Pretty clever, eh?)! A group of about 20-30 IHOPU students from both the ministry and music schools will be joining forces and spending a week helping to strengthen the local house of prayer there, as well as ministering to the churches in Boulder and the surrounding areas, specifically focusing on unifying them in the worship of Jesus.

I’ve been asked to join the team as a worship leader. So, I’ll be helping to assemble a team to bring on the trip, lead worship while we’re there, and also help to equip other worship leaders in that city.

As I’ve been praying about going on this trip, the Lord is really giving me a heart to see this city transformed! As the testimony of Jesus goes forth, I believe that eyes will be opened and the Lord will do mighty things there. I am believing that the Lord will use our team mightily to help strengthen and equip His people in Boulder, and that the city will be changed when we leave.

In order to go on this trip, I need to raise $250 by March 14th. I am asking that you would consider partnering with me financially so that I can fulfill what the Lord is calling me to do by going on this trip. I can’t do this alone – I need your help!

Whether or not you’re able to partner with me financially at this time, you can support me in prayer. There is nothing more comforting and encouraging than to know that fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are upholding you in prayer! Here are a few specific prayer requests I have concerning this trip.

1) That the Lord would provide all the finances necessary for me to go on the trip.
2) That in this time leading up to the trip, He would prepare my heart and give me grace to press in for His heart for the city of Boulder, CO.
3) That He would strengthen me (and the team) as we minister there for a week.
4) That He would be glorified and made known in and through me during the trip, and that He would use me to make His desires/purposes for Boulder on this trip come to fruition.

If you can commit to financially supporting me on my “Boulder Dash”, please email me at and I’ll get you more info on how to do so. And if you cannot support me financially at this time but can commit to supporting me through prayer, please still email me and let me know! Thank you for reading this post and considering supporting me! Every little bit makes a huge difference! :)

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