Boulder Update 1.0

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog! Sorry folks. Life’s been kinda crazy the past month or so. :)

Anyway, remember my post a while back about the ministry trip to Boulder, Colorado I was going on with my school? Well, my friends, currently I’m writing this blog from a little town right outside of Boulder. A group of about 50 IHOPU students drove out here yesterday, and though we faced some car trouble (which is bound to happen when you have a 10+ car caravan traveling over nine hours), we managed to all make it safely to Boulder yesterday evening. When we arrived, we “briefed” as a team, reiterating our vision for the week and getting to know one another more.

We started out the day today by meeting with a couple local pastors and hearing about their heart for the city of Boulder and their ministries here. It was really powerful for me personally to hear what the Lord is doing in this city, and it helped fire me up for what’s in store for us this week! After the meeting we had lunch and then headed to the prayer room where we planned to do a few harp and bowl sets. When we arrived, we discovered that the prayer room here is nothing more than a small room with one keyboard, a set of conga drums, and one microphone. It was a shock to some of us, and to others it was almost expected. Since we didn’t have the equipment necessary to have full teams lead us in worship, we just did a couple devotional worship sets. Since one of the primary worship leaders who was going to lead today has a sinus infection and couldn’t sing, I was assigned to lead the first devo. What an honor! It was a powerful time of leading the packed out little room in worship to Jesus, proclaiming our longing and need for Him, meditating on His love for us, and responding by pouring out our love back to Him (here’s a picture a friend of mine posted

After the one hour set, I sat in the room while another team member led a devo also. As I was sitting there “indian style” in the middle of the floor, I looked around the room and was deeply moved. I felt the Lord stirring in my heart. There was such a sweet presence of worship filling the room, and the heart of the Lord was moved. Here was a group of 50 or so young people, averaging between the ages of 18-25 sitting in the basement of a church, packed in a little room, just loving on Jesus. There wasn’t any exciting music or fancy decorations – just hearts longing for Jesus.

The Lord began to talk to me about how I tend to get so caught up in the business of the Global Prayer Room at IHOP-KC that I lose focus on Him. I’m listening to the electic guitar riff, the sweet loop the keyboard player is pumping out, the awesome chorus the singers just started singing, or I’m doing homework and checking my emails, and I lose the focus of why I’m there in the first place. In the business of the well established, fully finctioning prayer room, I begin to focus on everything that is going on around me, and out of the few hours I’m there, I’m probably only giving my full attention to the Lord for maybe 1/5 of that time (on a good day). As soon as the music comes down or the chorus stops, I immediately become bored and do something to fill the awkward space.

As I was sitting there in that tiny prayer room today with no Wifi, no desk to sit at and do homework, no isles to pace in, and no sweet music to get caught up in, Jesus asked me to once again be fascinated by Him. He began to call me to a place of focused meditation and devotion that will lead to revelation and fascination. You see, when we’re pursuing Him and constantly looking to Him and giving all of our time and energy into knowing Him, pushing away the things that so easily distract us, we become fascinated by Him, and nothing else matters. You’re never bored with life because He’s always revealing new things about Himself to you.

I feel like the Lord has done so much on day one, and I can’t imagine what else He has in store for me the rest of the week! I’m going to try to stay on top of blogging throughout the week to keep you updated on how things are going, but in the mean time, you can keep track of what’s going on via Twitter and Instagram by following the #IHOPUboulderdash hashtag.

Talk to you soon (hopefully)!!!


  1. Hey Rach,
    Happy to hear you have arrived safely. Enjoyed reading your blog. Enjoy the closeness of The Lord and doing the work that He has set before you. We love you so very much.


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