“Come to Boulder and Find Your…”

“…DESTINY.” This phrase is Boulder, Colorado’s unofficial motto. Before I came here, I had no idea that the city of Boulder is known for it’s entrepreneurial atmosphere. It is a city known as a hub for creativity, innovation, and a place to find your destiny.

This morning, our team had the opportunity to hear some business people from local churches speak about various kingdom principles in relation to business and entrepreneurialism. I was so intrigued by everything we were learning, but really had no idea of how it related to me on a personal level. After the few speakers finished, they formed a “fire tunnel”. For those of you who don’t know what a fire tunnel is, it’s simply when a few people line up across from each other with a few feet in between them, and a line of others walks through and receives prayer and impartation from them. Our whole team lined up for prayer and impartation and the Lord released so much into everyone’s hearts.

I know that destinies were revealed, released, and confirmed by the Lord during that time in many on our team. I personally encountered the Lord in a way that I was not expecting to! He showed me how different things He’s placed in my heart will come together in the future in my ministry with a business aspect to it. I’m so excited for what the Lord has in store for me!

Right now we’re on our way to a park where we’re gonna have a picnic lunch, enjoy the beautiful Colorado mountains, and most likely do some open air worship and evangelism. Please pray for boldness to come on our team today and throughout the rest of the week, that we would see the Lord’s kingdom be manifest in this city unto the salvation of many souls.

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