Another Update from Boulder!

The past few days have been nothing short of exhausting for our team here in Boulder, but it’s been so worth it! Yesterday morning we spent a few hours evangelizing on Pearl Street again. I don’t recall hearing any testimonies of salvations, but the Lord gave me an opportunity to preach the Gospel to a young man named Joe who was performing on the streets. He listened as I talked to him (mainly because I threw a dollar in his guitar case… but hey, it worked!), and though he wasn’t interested in praying or receiving the gift of salvation through Jesus, I could tell he was bothered by it. That might not seem like the something to get encouraged about, but I was encouraged by it. It signified to me that he was listening to what I said, and conviction was striking his heart. Please join me as I continue to keep him lifted up in prayer, contending for his salvation.

Later that night, our team split into two teams and had times of worship and intercession at two local churches. We prayed for the city of Boulder at both locations, and the Lord was faithful to meet us as we unified in worship and prayer, exalting His name over this city. I believe that things were moving in heaven and on earth in response to our prayers.

Today, our whole team came back together and had times of worship at the same church we had one of our prayer meetings at last night. Later on in the afternoon, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach the harp and bowl model to some members of the church and the local house of prayer who either didn’t know anything about it, or didn’t know a whole lot about it. This was my first time ever teaching the model to fresh ears, and let me tell you… I LOVED IT! The Lord has placed a desire within me to teach and train others in the harp and bowl model to facilitate 24/7 prayer and exaltation to Jesus across the earth, and I’ve felt for a while that it’s part of what He has for me in the future. Teaching today confirmed to me just how much I love it, and I believe it’s gonna be a big part of my future ministry.

Not only did I get to teach the model, but I was able to coach some singers and musicians hands on as we had a worship leader from our team lead a mini set, and we rotated in singers, musicians, and prayer leaders who were new to the model. I came alive as I got to teach them and see them get excited as it all “clicked” in their minds and hearts. I am confident that the Lord is going to use each one of them mightily in the end time worship movement.

Right now, I’m writing this blog right from the CU campus here in Boulder. We’ve been given the opportunity to have a night of worship right here on campus. Tonight a team led us in worship and right now a local pastor/church planter/missionary is bringing a powerful word. After that we’ll have a ministry time and enter into another time of worship. I’m expectant to hear testimonies of the Lord doing mighty things in the hearts of the students here tonight.

Tomorrow we’re joining forces with a local church, and some musicians and singers from our team (including myself) will be joining with their worship pastor to lead the congregation in praise and worship. After both services, we’re hitting the road to head back to KC. Please be praying that the Lord will give us grace to finish strong, that hearts would be encountered tonight and tomorrow as we glorify Jesus in this city, and that our journey to Kansas City tomorrow afternoon will go smoothly without any obstacles. Thanks for your faithfulness in praying for our team this week – it’s made a huge impact on all of us, and we are grateful beyond words! :)

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