Winds of Change

Well my friends, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog. Life’s been pretty busy lately, but I wanted to share a quick update with you all. Since my last blog…

1) I got a job at Trader Joe’s! It’s been just about a month since I started, and after this week I’ll officially be done with my training. The Lord has been teaching me a lot since I started working there, but I don’t have time to go into details right now.

2) All of my roommates have left me! Some for good, some for just the summer… I’ve been alone for about two weeks now, and it’s been kinda refreshing for my introverted soul. But it’s also shown me how desperately I need friends and community. Having no one to come home to and share my heart with every night or just to hang out and be with is taking its toll. I’ve had to actively pursue hanging out with people which has taken me a bit out of my comfort zone, but it has strengthened me and helped me gain confidence in myself once again. It still amazes me how the Lord uses stupid little circumstances (like living alone for a few weeks) to expose heart issues that need to be tended to. But He’s so faithful to lead us through the process of healing and restoration. :)

3) Big things are going on with my family back in NJ. While we’re not really sure what that will mean for us right now, the winds of change are a blowin’, and the Lord is once again reminding me of how much I like to know what’s going on and be in control to some degree, even when I know that I need to just let go and trust in His perfect leadership. Currently I’m fighting the urge to try and make things happen the way I want them to and just falling into His arms and letting Him take the lead. I’m learning once again that it’s only in that place where I find true peace and joy.

I must now ‘hit the sack’ as I have a 3:30am wake up call to look forward to tomorrow. And them 5am shifts are rough on just a few hours of sleep! Anywho, I’m hoping to return to a more regular blogging schedule within the next few weeks. Thanks for being patient with me on this one. Y’all are the bomb! :)


  1. You are quite the young woman, I too enjoy reading your blogs. You always tend to hit a nerve. I have to say that I am amazed at your intelligence, wisdom, work ethics, and your ability to understand when you need to adjust yourself, your schedule, when all your responsibilities tend to weigh you down a bit. We could all learn a lesson from you my dear. We love and miss your presence. Hugs and Kisses


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