Who Are You?

There’s a line from a popular worship song by Matt Redman that’s caught my attention lately. The phrase is at the end of the song “Holy,” and it says “You’re all You say You are.”

In a generation where narcissism, idolatry, and arrogance are running rampant, this isn’t the kind of phrase we find ourselves using to describe each other. Our culture is ingraining a belief system in this generation based upon pride and self-preservation. From every source of media we are being told that we need to attain to perfection in every area of our lives in order to survive, that we need to spend all of our time and energy to create a good name and reputation for ourselves, even if that means building up a facade of lies in order to hide all of our flaws – to hide reality.

Yet, in the midst of this pervading pandemic, there is One who is right and true in all that He says and does. While we’re down here on earth telling the world that we’ve attainted to something we’re not even remotely close to reaching, there is a King on a throne who actually lives up to His name and everything He’s said about Himself. In perfect humility He has declared Himself to be holy, perfect, higher than any other… And He actually is.

Oh that we would begin to get our eyes off of ourselves and behold this One who is great and marvelous in all His works! Oh that we would see a generation arise who isn’t concerned with their own name and reputation, but that instead they would give their lives to see His name made great among the nations! He is the only one worthy of praise and glory.

“Who shall we say You are? You’re the Living God. Who shall we say You are? You’re the great I AM. The highest name of all, you’re all You say You are.” **

** lyrics from “Holy” by Matt Redman, Jason Ingram, and Jonas Myrin

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