Sunrise Reflections

Watching the sunrise is something I do every week on my day off, and I have a favorite spot that I frequent. This morning, however, I found myself somewhere in Leawood, Kansas as the dark, night sky began to brighten. I drove around ’till I found a clearing where I could watch the fiery globe show it’s face over the horizon. As I beheld this marvelous phenomenon for the umpteenth time, I was struck with something – something I’ve never thought about before. I pulled out my iPhone and began to speak, recording what I wrote using the speech-to-text feature it offers.

I felt inspired to share with you what was going through my brain as I sat and watched the sun take it’s place in the sky. If it seems poorly worded, sporadically written, and raw, that’s because it is. The only editing I did was the minimal editing required due to my mumble-mouth being misinterpreted by my phone. 

The sun rises, light breaking forth through the sky. The moonlight darkens as this burst of light shines. It’s reflection cannot stand the brightness of the sun. It slowly fades into the bright blue sky, it’s crescent shape dissolving. The pink hues, the red rays overtake its glory. Yet it humbly bows. It’s not jealous of the brightness of the sun, for it’s the sun that gives it its brightness in the first place.

So not only does the sun give us a glimpse of the beauty and the glory of our Maker, but the moon so beautifully paints the picture of His great humility. He truly does reveal Himself in everything that He has made. The heavens really do declare who He is – His glory, His beauty, His majesty, His character….

The moon doesn’t think of itself as higher or better than the sun. The sun takes the glory it’s rightfully due. The moon gently bows out. It gives glory where glory is due. It doesn’t try to take it as its own. It knows its place. It knows that which it has been created for. It knows that You’ve ordained it to be itself. And it doesn’t try to be anything else…

Who considers the moon at sunrise? The glory of the passing night fades as the sun rises in all it’s light. But does that stop the moon from showing its face night after night? It continues to be itself. It doesn’t shrink back in fear or shame.

What would it look like if I was like the moon? What would it look like if a person began to realize that which they were created for and just did it? No one bashes the moon for not shining at sunrise. That’s not what it was made for. And yet we think that we’re not good enough being ourselves. We have this crazy idea that we need to be something that we’re not. Why is this? Why is our identity so shaken? Why are we so afraid to simply be?

I’ll leave you with this picture I took after recording my thoughts. Both sun and moon are visible – one more than the other. I hope you’ve enjoyed the musings of my mind this morning. Perhaps they’ve even provoked you to ponder them for yourself… :)


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