Brake the Bank

Well friends, this post is a little different from my usual ones, but just as important (if not more) nonetheless. Here’s a little update on my current circumstances…

About two weeks ago as I was driving on the highway with a friend of mine, my car started to make a funny sound, and I began to feel a pulsing/shimmying underneath me. Based on what I heard and felt (and being fairly aware of the overall health of my car), my immediate thought was that it was a sticky brake problem of sorts. After calling my dad and doing a brief inspection of my car, I cautiously drove it back home on back roads where we got a better look at what was going on. Turns out I was right – the front passenger side brake caliper was completely seized which meant that the break pad was almost entirely worn down, and there were literally chunks taken out of my rotor. Thankfully my father is pretty mechanically inclined, so he was able to do the necessary repair work without me having to pay labor fees for a mechanic to do it. Even still, the parts cost me almost $200 – a pretty big number for a full-time missionary on an already tight budget. 

A few days after having my car back on the road, I could tell that while there was a noticeable improvement, something still wasn’t right. I asked my dad to look at it again and he discovered something that surprised us both – my rear brakes were completely seized as well. Thankfully those are a lot less expensive to replace. However, they are so frozen onto my car that my dad can’t remove the old ones to get the new ones on. Because of this we have to hire a mechanic friend to come look at it and hopefully get it fixed. On top of that, while working on my car, my dad noticed there were a couple other little things that need to be replaced as well. 

I’m foreseeing the total cost landing at around $250 when it’s all said and done. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a full-time intercessory missionary at IHOPKC and am currently living on a fairly tight budget. I’m praying and believing that the Lord will provide the money to completely cover the cost of these repairs, so I’m reaching out to you – friends, family, and even people I may have never met – to help me get there. 

Below is a link to a GoFundMe page I’ve set up to collect donations through. If there’s any way you can help, I would be so beyond grateful! Thanks, friends and followers!

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