This blog is absolutely incredible. I’m so grateful for my beautiful friend Charis and the wisdom that overflows from within her!


“In order to love much, you must be willing to hurt much.” These are the words that a wise woman once said to me when I was thirteen. I have wrestled with these words… Oh, how I have wrestled. To be told that if I want to be a person of love— of deep, unmoving love— that I would have to also run headlong into the possibility of pain has made me wonder if loving so deeply was worth it. It’s a paradox really. Like a father’s child being the source of so much joy and so much grief. To the measure you invest of yourself, is to the measure you will open yourself up to being hurt. It’s a vulnerable place. It’s also the place where we find joy and the meeting of our legitimate need to know and be known. Loving much. Hurting much. These are wrestling words…

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