Beholding Beauty Pt. 3

I’ve decided to end my series on beholding the beauty of God by sharing one of my favorite ways to meditate on His beauty. Before reading on, I want to encourage you to read the first two parts of this series if you haven’t yet. You can find part one here and part two here.

There are tons of ways we can meditate on the beauty of God. However, the one that I’ve found to be not only the most enjoyable but also the most impacting is singing the Bible. It’s time to take a look at *insert drumroll here* The Three E’s of Singing the Word.

Singing the Word is Effective
Music is a powerful thing. When I was younger, there was this television commercial for a random flooring and windows company called Empire Today. Years later I can still remember the company’s phone number because the commercial ended with their number being sung in a jingle.

“Eight-hundred, five eight eight, two there-hundred, Empire Today!” *

That little jingle was so embedded in my brain that I can even remember thinking to myself as a child, “If I ever got stranded and couldn’t remember anyone’s phone number to call for help, at least I know that number, and I’ll have someone to call!” Silly as it may be, it just goes to show how powerful music can be!

What would begin to happen if we sang the Word the same way? What if we put a tune to a phrase that spoke of the beauty of God and had a little song to sing throughout our day? Without much work at all, we can have something to help us meditate on who God is at any given point in time. All it takes is spending a little time singing a Bible verse! Singing the Word is effective!

Singing the Word is Easy
If you’ve never straight up sang the Bible before, it can seem kinda weird. I totally get that. But in reality, singing the Bible is super simple. All it takes is opening up to a passage of Scripture (this can be just a verse, a cluster of verses, a whole chapter… no rules here!) and singing it straight through! You can do it with or without music. Again, there really aren’t any rules.

Like I mentioned before, you can sing as many verses of a passage as you want. However, if the goal is meditating on the beauty of God, it’s helpful to stick to just a verse or two and sing them repetitively. You can sing them word-for-word over and over, you can sing the passage using your own words but keeping the same meaning (I like to call this rephrasing), you can create a chorus to sing repetitively… the options are endless, really. Singing the Word is anything but complicated… it’s easy!

Singing the Word is Enjoyable
Who doesn’t love music? In my near 21 years of life, I’ve yet to meet a single person who isn’t moved by some kind of music. For one it might be metal, for another country, for someone else progressive rock, maybe even classical… Whatever it is, I’m pretty confident to say that music is enjoyed by most, if not all, of humanity. If music is so enjoyable, why not use it as an avenue to beholding God’s beauty?

Adding music to our meditation requires more energy and attention which also happens to be a great way to become less distracted. Experiencing God’s beauty is already one of the highest pleasures we can experience, adding music makes it even more enjoyable, and it helps us stay more focused which means more uninterrupted enjoyment. How can you go wrong?! Singing the Word is enjoyable!

I hope that you’re beginning to see how singing the Word is such an effective, easy, and enjoyable way to behold God’s beauty! And even more, I hope your heart is stirred to try it out!

If you’re still new to this and don’t have a clue of where to begin, you’re in luck! I decided to make a short video demonstrating how to sing the Word to help you on your journey of beholding God’s beauty by singing the Bible! Check it out below. :)

*Credit for this jingle goes 100% to Empire Today.

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  1. Love you Rach, So good to see you even if it is just in a video. Love hearing your voice and reading your words. Love to you, Mom and Dad and of course Kurt. MmmmmWhaaaa


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