It’s Powerful… Real Powerful.

This morning was pretty normal – for me at least. I woke up and came to the prayer room at midnight like I do every night, ready to spend six hours praying, worshiping, studying the Word, etc. But today something was different. I walked in, set my things down, found an open aisle, and began to pray as I paced back and forth. It didn’t take very long before the Lord put it on my heart to walk up to the large map of the world that is plastered to the back wall of the Global Prayer Room and pray for a specific town. I made my way to the map and placed my hand on the general vicinity of this town and began to pray for the Lord to break in with salvation and encounter individuals as they sleep tonight. Within a few seconds my heart was moved and I began to cry as the weight of lost souls sank in. I prayed for another moment and went back to pacing and praying for the Middle East with the rest of the room. As I joined back in with the corporate intercession, the Lord began to highlight certain individuals to me and I prayed for them as He brought them to my mind.

After about 15-20 minutes passed I realized something. Those 20 minutes in prayer felt so different than a lot of my time in the prayer room has lately – there was such an ease about it, and I felt so connected with God’s heart. I began to wonder what made today different than yesterday or last week. That’s when God reminded me of something.

A few days ago I began YouVersion’s “New Thru 30” Bible reading plan to help jumpstart me to get back in the Word. The past few months I haven’t been spending nearly as much time in the Bible as I should be, so I figured this could help me get back in the game. I’m on day four and already about halfway through the book of Mark – it’s awesome! Anyways, as I was pacing before, God told me that being in His Word more has caused something to change inside me, and I was experiencing the fruit of that as I prayed. When He said that, I began to think about how all throughout Scripture there are dozens and dozens of descriptions of the impact that the Word of God has on the heart and soul of man. Psalm 119 tells us that the Word gives life (v. 25), gives strength (v. 28), gives hope (v. 81), gives help (v.175) – all of which I was experiencing firsthand in that moment.

It’s amazing to me how powerful the Word is! It’s only been a few days and already God is showing me the fruit of being committed to reading His Word. I’m so excited to continue to read His Word more – and hopefully you are too!

“Your Word has given me life… Revive me according to Your Word.” -Psalm 119:50b, 154b

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