Author: Rachael Penner

Ancient Paths

Why do we find ourselves numbed and dulled to the fire of unbridled passion for Jesus? There’s a war for our attention. For our affection. For our fascination. There is a real enemy who knows that the only way He can keep us from walking in the fullness of joy, life, and power in Jesus is to keep us believing that there is superior pleasure to be found in the temporal. To cause our longing for fascination to be placated by the entertainment of this age. We’re not truly satisfied, but the intensity of our longing is tamed just enough to keep us from passionately pursing fascination by the only One who can actually satisfy the longing…

This is a snippet from a message I had the opportunity to share on a Sunday morning at my old church in Texas a couple months ago. If you’d like to hear it, you can find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Thanks for listening!

11:3 Project 4.0

Hello my friends! Sorry for the recent lack of updates – things have been quite busy, but I’ve finally gotten the chance to collect my thoughts and share them with you!

Last week our Bible reading had us in Matthew 26. This chapter chronicles the final hours before Jesus was arrested and taken to be crucified. It’s a story that I’m all too familiar with, yet a couple things struck my heart in a new way as I meditated on this storyline. This chapter massively (more…)