Beholding Beauty Pt. 2

Welcome to part two of my mini “Beholding Beauty” series! If you haven’t read part one, I encourage you to click here and read it before continuing on. :)

So…. as I was saying in part one, I’ve come to understand that I can’t actually behold God without His help. I’ve found that no matter how hard I try to stay focused when I’m setting my heart to behold God, there’s always something else vying for my attention. (more…)

Beholding Beauty Pt. 1

Lately I’ve been pondering what it means to behold the beauty of God and how the heck I’m supposed to do it. I’d been singing through Psalm 27 for about a month with my worship team and every time we’d sing verse four, my heart was struck with conviction.

One thing I have desired of the Lord,
That will I seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord
All the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the Lord,
And to inquire in His temple. -Psalm 27:4

David got it. What it is I’m not fully sure of, but he got something. (more…)

Yes, I Still Have An Invisible Friend

If you were anything like me as a child, you probably found yourself talking to and playing with imaginary friends at some point during your early years. I don’t remember much about mine, but what I do remember is that there were two of them, and to me they were anything but imaginary. We would have full-on conversations and play dates, and I wouldn’t allow my mom to leave my room every night until she had included them in our bedtime routine. They were so real to me.

This morning I was driving down the road and began to pour my heart out before the Lord. At one point I was [figuratively] slapped in the face with the absolute ridiculousness of what I was doing. Here I was driving down the road all alone in the dark at six in the morning, talking to an invisible person… I looked and felt ridiculous. (more…)


This blog is absolutely incredible. I’m so grateful for my beautiful friend Charis and the wisdom that overflows from within her!


“In order to love much, you must be willing to hurt much.” These are the words that a wise woman once said to me when I was thirteen. I have wrestled with these words… Oh, how I have wrestled. To be told that if I want to be a person of love— of deep, unmoving love— that I would have to also run headlong into the possibility of pain has made me wonder if loving so deeply was worth it. It’s a paradox really. Like a father’s child being the source of so much joy and so much grief. To the measure you invest of yourself, is to the measure you will open yourself up to being hurt. It’s a vulnerable place. It’s also the place where we find joy and the meeting of our legitimate need to know and be known. Loving much. Hurting much. These are wrestling words…

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The Blessing of Brokenness

In all honesty I’ve been having a rough time the past week or two. Life circumstances have unfolded in a way that’s been “pushing some buttons” in my heart. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to just give up the fight at times. What fight? The fight to let love win within my heart. The fight to not allow myself to run from the pain, but to embrace it in the process of healing. The fight to press on through the hurt and frustration rather than letting my heart shut down. The fight to receive love even when it seems like the hardest thing to do.

In fact, earlier tonight I was sharing a bit of my struggle with a close friend. She wrapped her arms around me, her embrace letting me know that she was there with me through the fight. In that moment, there was a song that played in my head. The chorus declares, “You are the God of the broken, the friend of the weak. You wash the feet of the weary, embrace the ones in need…” (more…)